What's New in CourseMill 6.7

The following list represents an overview of the new features that are available in CourseMill 6.7.

New feature

What's in it for you

Updated user interface

The CourseMill interface has been updated to provide greater visual appeal and improved ease-of-use.

New Reports

Access dozens of new administrative, course, curriculum, eCommerce and user reports.

Report Graphs

New graphs are available when generating reports.

System properties categorization

CourseMill administrators can locate intended properties by filtering property lists by category.

Additional system properties

CourseMill administrators have further customization capabilities with the additional system properties below. Modify these system properties by selecting Manage Properties from the Admin Tasks.


Specify the number of days after a student has successfully completed a course in which the course completion follow-up notification should be sent.


Specify whether to allow students to search for courses or curriculums by instructor name.


Specify whether users can update their suborg information.


Specify the number of days prior to the end of a session in which the session reminder notification should be sent.


Specify the location of the page navigation bar. Specify to show the bar above the listings, below the listings, or both.


Specify whether to display an additional custom menu grouping in the administratorís left navigation.


Specify the name of the menu items (0-7) in the OptionalMenuGroup and the URLs to which they point.


Specify whether you want to allow certain reports to be graphed dynamically in the report screen.


Specify the maximum number of bars to display when generating a graph. (Default=20).


Specify the color in RGB of the background for the generated graph to match any custom CSS that you have applied to the system. (Default=dadada).


Specify the colors of the bars/lines generated on the graphs. Use comma-separated RGB values.


Specify the number of days before the end of a session that the Prior to end of session notification gets generated.


Specify the number of days after a student completes a course that the Post-Completion notification gets generated.

Session notifications and new notifications

The notifications available for courses are now also available for each session of a course. In addition new notifications include:

Prior to end of session notification

Send students that have not completed or passed a course a notification a set  number of days prior to the end-session date.

Discussion Board posting notification

Send instructors notifications when a post is made on the course discussion board. The content of the post is included in the notification.

Post-Completion notification

Send students a notification a set number of days after completion of the course.

Session selection in curriculum enrollment

When students enroll in a curriculum, they can select the session in which they want to enroll for courses with multiple sessions.

Display unique News updates for an organization

Individual organizations can display unique News updates. Use the News URL field on the Community tab to specify the URL to the News for an organization.

Invite students to enroll in a course

Use the Student Invitation URL field when adding curriculums, courses, and sessions to specify the URL to invitations to enroll in a course.

Bulk-import  reporters with permissions

You can bulk-import reporters and restrict them to reporting on specific sub-orgs, courses, and curriculums. Reporter assignments can also be exported and bulk-deleted.

Schedule session access to course materials

In session properties, a new option allows instructors to specify that students can have access to course materials (documentation and SCOs) a set number of days prior to the start of the session.

Add multiple SCO content items to a single course

When adding content to courses, you can add more than one SCO content item.

Location description and notification token

When adding locations, you can specify a longer description and the description can be used as a token in notifications and Email messages.

Course duplication

Administrators can duplicate courses. All course properties and content are copied to create a new course.

Archive users

Administrators can archive users in the system.

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